Chris Moss

Inside Alder Meadow - An interview with Pontblyddyn Player Chris Moss

Pontblyddyn Legend : Chris Moss

I have had the pleasure of being involved in Pontblyddyn Cricket Club for a huge part of my life, in fact this is my 25th year at the club…what a way to spend it! During these 25 years I have been lucky enough to play with and against lots of very talented players and hopefully there’s many more years to come!

First Memory:
My first memories are playing cricket in the garden with my dad for hours on end. I always remember hitting the ball over the wall on to the main road and into next doors garden and then spending ages trying to retrieve it.

Best Game I’ve Played In:
Played in some fantastic games over the years, always remember the intense battles with Llandudno, ‘too close to call’ matches against Bangor and plenty of crunch games against Brymbo.

But for me, it has got to be the Flintshire K.O. final against Mold in 2009. Having a final made up of two legs was awesome and it really added to the intensity. We always had great games against that Mold side with plenty of words exchanged and fierce battles followed by a pint together after the match. That final was ridiculously close, I think we won by 4 runs over the two legs, and I remember thinking at the time that it was our fielding that had got us the victory. I remember taking a one handed catch on the square leg boundary off Mark Neath’s bowling to dismiss Gareth Evans and then Chris Myles took a belting catch after the ball seemed to soar miles and miles into the air! This was a great team to play in and we had an enormous amount of fun together.

Best Personal Performance:
Scoring my first century away at Llanrwst in 2006 will always be a big personal highlight for me, as will taking 7/30 away at Mold in 2018, but in terms of my most important performance it probably has to be scoring 64 away at Gwersyllt Park in 2007. I was the 1st XI wicket keeper during that season, and I was desperate to try to contribute with the bat, and I remember being ridiculously nervous and shaking when I arrived at the crease. I was batting at number 3 and Neil Pearson removed Phil Davies early on, so I was thrown straight into the action early on. My nerves must have been clear for all of the Gwersyllt lads to see…so you can only imagine the amount of stick that I received before I had even faced a ball!!! For the first two or three overs I played and missed at everything and then nearly ran Glenn Chambers out. Glenn marched down the pitch towards me and gave me an earful followed by some wise words about how to sort myself out. These words were well received and I managed to score 64 and help Pont post a decent total. This was when I believed that I could hold my own in 1st XI cricket...and those firm, wise words from Chambers have stuck with me ever since!!

Best Cricketing Moment:
Playing in the Under 15s team at Pontblyddyn with my Dad and Dennis Dorman as our coaches was a very proud moment for me. That team was brilliant and we won everything that we entered. A great bunch of lads!

Best Overseas Player:
Pont have been lucky enough to have some brilliant overseas players at the club. Charlie Fernando was ridiculously talented with the bat and ball, Marcel Frenzel was a clever cricketer who knew his own strengths and weaknesses very well and Ryan Stanbury was explosive! But for me Matthew Edwards was the overseas player that I learnt the most from. He was a dangerous bowler that took big wickets, plays the game hard and always gives 100% in every situation. After every match I was fortunate enough to learn plenty from him in town as well.

Favourite Ground:
Got to be Alder Meadow. So many great cricketing memories here over the past 25 years and not a bad setting either!

Favourite Team to Play Against:
Always enjoyed playing against Connahs Quay, a great bunch of lads who I get on with well. Really looked forward to playing against Llandudno because of the rivalry and we had some great games.

Most Feared Opponent:
In recent years, Menai Bridge. They have a really good side and you knew you had to be on top of your game to get anything from them. In terms of indviduals, Tom Ducker – he hits the ball so hard and you knew that if you didn’t get him early he would take the game away from you.

Best Player Played Against:
Blake Dean for Bangor. Tried everything to get him out, and not once did he ever look troubled! He scored a serious amount of runs that season for Bangor.

Best Player Played With:
Played in the same North East Wales side as Will Owen – and he hasn’t done badly for himself. But it has got to be Glenn Chambers. A complete all-rounder, gritty and determined with the bat, clever bowler who puts even the better players in the league under constant pressure and a great character who I have learnt plenty from over the years.

Best Batsman Played With:
Easy one – Phil Davies. Class act and it has been a pleasure watching him bat for hours and hours on end whilst I’ve been sitting in the pavilion! Got to give a mention to my good mate Ed Jones who scored a brilliant 140 away at a very strong Bangor team.

Best Batsman Played Against:
Played a few games against a young Tom Maynard when I was younger and you could tell that he was class then. That Cardiff and the Vale team had some really good players and they were far too good for us.

Best Bowler Played With:
Rhys ‘The Flame’ Jones! Troubles even the best batsman and makes them work extremely hard for every run. He could talk out even the most laid back batsmen. Enjoyed bowling in partnership with him in recent years and he has taught me a lot.

Best Bowler Played Against:
Chris Owen (St Asaph) was too good for me when I first came into Pont 1st XI, he bowled me and knocked off stump and middle stump out of the ground! Tarique Khan was another challenging bowler to face as a young batsman.

Best in the Changing Room:
Gotta be The Flame…a pure entertainer, sitting next to him in the changing room has given me some weird and wonderful sights and stories over the years…loves a prop whether it be Nivea cream, mops, shaving foam or deep heat. Mark ‘Tippy’ Neath always provided plenty of changing room entertainment during rain breaks…usually at my expense :D

Longest in the Shower:
Chris Myles and Matthew Edwards – Couldn’t get them out!

Best Drinking Partner:
There’s been plenty of great lads at Pont over the years and we have all shared many beers together, Mark Gent has been my drinking partner both at Pont and away from Pont since we were old enough, but Matt Edwards has to get a mention here – great memories!

Favourite Drink:
Pilsner Baby, but always keen to sample whatever is available at different clubs.

Favourite Umpire:
Paul Jones, top bloke, good consistent umpire and shared many a beer with him over the years.

All Time Pont XI – No Pros
1.     Phil Davies
2.     Ed Jones
3.     Glenn Chambers
4.     Jamie Griffiths
5.     Jules Morris
6.     Mark Neath
7.     Phil Snell
8.     Andrew Roberts (wk)
9.     Kevin Owen
10.     Steve Evans
11.     Rhys Jones

All Time North Wales XI – No Pros
1.     Phil Davies
2.     Tom Ducker
3.     Duncan Midgley
4.     Darren Jones
5.     Glenn Chambers
6.     Will Evans
7.     Robbie Marshall (wk)
8.     Mark Neath
9.     Dan Parry
10.     Jack Rimmington
11.     Rhys Jones
Ridiculously tough to pick!

Advice for youngsters:
Enjoy every minute of it and try to get as much advice as possible from the experienced players around you. There is no better sport to challenge yourself in so many different ways and you will make friends for life with your team mates.